Chekoh Wrap Review

Baby wearing is a lifesaver, especially in the first few months of your baby’s life. Newborn babies love to be held, to hear your heart beating and feel the warmth of your body. And as lovely as holding our babies all day is, we also need to be able to use our hands and move around.

I’ve worn both of my babies from their birth onwards and the wrap I reached for the most in the early days was my Chekoh stretchy wrap. At some point every day, I wrapped my boys and held them close.

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Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy Review

I started using cloth nappies with my son when he was a few months old but was scared to try cloth nappies overnight. He's a heavy wetter and I had no idea how a cloth nappy would be able to keep him dry.

As he approached his first birthday he started consistently leaking through his disposable nappy overnight. And even though he always woke up in the night, I hated having to change his nappy at 2am. I even tried using extra bamboo inserts in our normal cloth nappies but he would still wake up soaked through.

Nothing was working so I set out to find the perfect cloth nappy designed to be used overnight.

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Erin Williams