Hooked in a Box


Hooked In A Box sell beautiful handpicked gift boxes for mums and babies. Each item included is either is organic, natural, eco-friendly and ethical.

The personalised handmade gifts are packaged in a beautiful keepsake box, and will make a thoughtful and deluxe gift for an expecting or new mum.

Hooked in a Box is focused on always delivering quality and simple beauty. With a Hooked In A Box gift box you’re sure to give a mama a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

What They Sell

✖︎  Personalised Gift Boxes For Mums & Babies
✖︎ Organic, Eco & Ethical Gift Boxes

Average Prices

There are a range of gift boxes priced from $114 to $214.
Gift boxes can also be customised and items can be purchased individually too.

Shipping Costs

Free shipping on orders over $50


The products included in a Hooked In A Box gift box are certified organic, natural and ethically made.

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