Eleven Pound Six


Eleven Pound Six offer gorgeous bibs, clutches and round playmats.

Made in Sydney, Eleven Pound Six use stand-out prints. Think lots of colour and fun patterns. Their bibs are soft and perfect for your teething, dribbly baby.

What They Sell

✖︎ Bibs
✖︎ Clutches
✖︎ Headbands
✖︎ Playmats
✖︎ Wall Banners

Average Prices

Bibs are $14 and clutches $35.

Shipping Costs

Standard Shipping - $8.50
Free shipping on orders over $100


No certifications but all items are handmade.

Shop Now

Website: https://www.elevenpoundsix.com/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elevenpoundsix/
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Email: elevenpoundsix@outlook.com