Franjo’s Kitchen

Franjo’s Kitchen is collaboration between Jo & Fran. Both are mums who are passionate and dedicated to creating healthy, nutritious and tasty snacks.

They sell Tanker Toppers (lactation biscuits and crackers) that are naturopathically formulated with your health and well being in mind. While their products are designed for breastfeeding mums and mamas-to-be they are a delicious snack anyone can enjoy.

Good nutritious food made from real ingredients, easily available for everyone. And with the added bonus of helping to boost your milk supply.

What They Sell

✖︎ Lactation Biscuits, Crackers & Muesli
✖︎ Pregnancy Crackers
✖︎ Kinder Biscuits (for your babes)
✖︎ Gift Boxes

Average Prices

The average price is $16.95 per cylinder.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated at check out.
Free shipping is offered for purchases over $60.


Some ingredients used are organic. Most of the products are wheat, dairy, egg and refined sugar free.

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