What Can You Do While Babywearing?

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The Things You Can Do

While Wearing Your Baby or Toddler

Once you’ve tried babywearing you’ll never look back.

You get cuddles, the ability to hold your baby hands-free and so much freedom. And it’s this freedom that makes so many mums (and dads) fall in love with wearing their baby.

Babywearing has so many benefits for baby, but it also has so many for the parents. Putting your baby in a carrier lets you do so many things that seem daunting, impossible or that would leave you with a dead arm and sore back otherwise.

Ever wondered just what you can do while babywearing? This list is certainly not exhaustive but it covers many of the things you can do.


While babywearing you can easily:

✖︎ Make breakfast without your child crying at your feet
✖︎ Get your vacuuming done
✖︎ Wash the dishes
✖︎ Breastfeed
✖︎ Calm and comfort your child
✖︎ Use public transport without worrying about your pram
✖︎ Use a trolley at the shops with a newborn baby which makes it so much easier to buy toilet paper, nappies or anything else that’s bulky and/or heavy.
✖︎ Keep your toddler away from the shelves at the shops and stop them running away
✖︎ Navigate airports and calm your baby on the flight
✖︎ Use public toilets when you can’t find the parents room
✖︎ Walk through narrow aisles at the farmers markets or at the shops
✖︎ Move around while baby sleeps on your chest – this is especially helpful if you have older kids
✖︎ Conquer stairs
✖︎ Exercise, from gentle walks to hikes to kanga training you can do nearly any kind of exercise with the right kind of carrier
✖︎ Bounce baby to sleep
✖︎ Hang out the laundry
✖︎ Make yourself lunch
✖︎ Get outside and enjoy some sunshine
✖︎ Actually get anything done when you have a velcro baby
✖︎ Bond with your baby
✖︎ Enjoy some skin-on-skin time
✖︎ Eye-gaze with your little one
✖︎ Easily talk to baby as you go about your day
✖︎ Gently build core and back strength
✖︎ Have two children without buying a double pram, or while continuing to use your single pram
✖︎ Dance around with your little one to help settle them during witching hour
✖︎ Take your baby out of the house and not worry about strangers touching them


The list of things you can do is nearly endless. While there are some things you shouldn’t do while baby wearing – like running or cooking near flames (you can view our safety tips here), it’s possible to do most things with your baby safely strapped to your chest or back.

Anything you could do while holding your baby is made so much easier while wearing them in a carrier.

Once you start babywearing you’ll never look back. Whether it’s during the newborn stage or with an older toddler you’ll reap the benefits and enjoy the ease and freedom of carrying your baby.

BabywearingErin Williams