Why You Should Own More Than One Baby Carrier

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Baby Carriers

& the benefits of owning more than one.

Although it’s certainly not necessary to own more than one carrier there are lots of babywearing mums who do. And while you can make do with just one carrier there are lots of benefits that come with owning multiple baby carriers.  

Because there are so many different kinds of carriers they all have different pros and cons, and owning more than one means that you get to experience more of the good bits and less of the negative bits. 

If you’re a babywearing-addict who gets asked why you own more than one carrier or if you’re looking at purchasing your second (or third or fourth!) carrier but aren’t sure if you should, this list is for you.


The Benefits of Owning Multiple Carriers

Different Situations

Some carriers are ideal for long days out and have enough support to allow you to comfortably carry baby for hours at a time, even once you’re carrying a heavy toddler. Other carriers, like wraps, are better suited to be worn at home or somewhere you won’t be standing/walking for long periods of time. 

Some people might be happy wearing their soft structured carrier both at home and while out-and-about, but other people certainly prefer having the option to use a softer, lighter carrier while at home. 

If you’re a hiker or like to exercise and wear baby at the same time (have you tried kangatraining?) you’ll know that only certain carriers are suitable for these strenuous activities. Most people who own a proper hiking carrier probably won’t want to use it while at home or for quick trips to the shops. 

Having more than one carrier allows you to choose the carrier that’s best suited to whatever situation you’re in or whatever activities you’ve planned for the day. 

Use & Function

Some carriers are only suitable for use in the first 6-12 months and others are better suited to older babies and toddlers. If you’re planning on having more than one child you can easily justify owning more than one carrier, because you’ll get double or triple the use out of them. And if your kids are close in age, mummy can wear one while daddy wears the other.

Babies are undeniably messy which means that at some point your carrier will get messy too. If you own multiple carriers you can wash and dry one, and still have an alternate one to use.

Some carriers fold up a lot smaller than others. If you’re going somewhere with your pram but think you might need a carrier, it’s a lot easier to have one that will fold up and fit in the bottom of your pram without taking up the whole storage section.

Some carriers are quicker and easier to put on. If you just want a quick carry then having a carrier that only takes seconds to put on is really handy. 


Your favourite carrier might be a woven wrap while your partner prefers a soft structured one. If that’s the case having ones that you both actually want to use means that you can both experience the benefits of babywearing. 

As your baby grows they may prefer to be carried in different ways. They might love being snuggled into your chest when they’re little, then want to face out as they get older, or even prefer to be on your back once they’re toddlers. Having the option to change and adapt how you wear your baby is great. Some carriers allow this flexibility, but other times you’ll need more than one to be able to wear your baby in so many different positions. 


Some carriers can be way too warm to use when it’s hot. If you live somewhere where summer is really hot you’ll need a carrier that is lightweight and breathable, so that you can wear your baby without overheating them or yourself. 

You might be happy using this lightweight carrier all the time, or you might like to have another option so that you can use one in summer and then another when the weather is cooler. 


It’s so important to use a carrier that your baby is an appropriate weight for. If your baby is too light or too heavy for your carrier it can be really dangerous to use it. Many carriers can be used from birth  through to toddlerhood, but many people prefer to use different carriers as their baby grows. As your bub gets heavier and heavier you’ll need a carrier that provides a decent level of support so that you avoid any aches and pains. 


If owning more than one carrier helps make your life as a parent easier, then I say go for it. Our babies are constantly changing and it’s great to have tools (or carriers in this case) that can adapt to these changes.

If you own one carrier that adapts to these changes and suits all of your needs, that’s perfect. If you need more than one to achieve this, then that’s perfect too. 

BabywearingErin Williams