5 Nappy Bag Essentials

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Nappy Bag Essentials

5 Must Have Items for Every Mum

A well-stocked nappy bag is crucial to any mum. Once you've had a baby your nappy bag will go everywhere with you - and if ever try leaving without one, your little one is almost guaranteed to have the biggest poonami ever. Seriously. 

But you can easily avoid disaster by making sure you pack the essentials every time you leave the house. 

So what essentials do I make sure are always, and I mean always, in my nappy bag?

  1. Let's start with the obvious. You can't have a nappy bag without nappies. I like to have three or four packed even for quick outings, and will usually add a few more if I'm heading out for the whole day. I'm a cloth nappy lover and my favourites are by EcoNaps, both for the prints and the absorbency. If you prefer using disposable nappies there are some great eco-friendly brands available. Tooshies By TOM nappies and Eco Originals are both popular options. 

  2.  Wipes are another absolute must-have for any mum. They're great for bums, faces, sticky fingers, random pieces of food smeared on your shirt, cleaning up the food your toddler threw on the floor. The uses for baby wipes are endless. I love Joonya wipes. They're eco-friendly, perfectly sized and available in bulk at discounted prices!! They're cheap, effective and good for your baby's sensitive skin.

  3. I love having bags within my nappy bag. If you're anything like me, you pack a million tiny things into your nappy bag and if they're all packed loose it's impossible to find anything. My solution is to have two or three bags within my nappy bag. I have one with bottom balm, tissues, wipes and small plastic bags. Another with bibs, spoons and spare clothes. And another with my keys, phone, wallet, and a lip balm. If you use multiple nappy bags, using smaller bags means you can easily move everything from one nappy bag to the next. My favourites are the clutch bags by Eleven Pound Six or In Our Nest, and I also love having at least one wet bag stashed in my nappy bag.

  4. Once your baby is over 6 months, sunscreen is a must-have. You never know when you'll end up outside and your little one's skin needs to be protected from the sun. And if you've got sunscreen in your bag you'll be prepared for any situation, whether that's sitting outside at a cafe or an impromptu trip to the park. I love both Wotnot and MooGoo sunscreens. And there's no reason why you can't use baby sunscreen to help protect your skin too.

  5. Finally, is your nappy bag really a nappy bag without at least one muslin cloth? There's a reason why mums tend to own a million muslin clothes, and that's because they have a million and one uses. They're perfect to use as a feeding cover, a blanket, a pram cover, to change your baby on, as a picnic rug, or to create a bit of shade. My current fave muslin clothes are by Mama Maya Organics and Pop Ya Tot.

Whether you like carrying as little as possible or whether your nappy bag is packed to the brim, if you've got at least these 5 essentials, you'll have most of your needs covered. 

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