My Favourite Breastfeeding Friendly Fashion Brands


My Favourite Breastfeeding Friendly fashion Brands

Breastfeeding friendly clothes need to hit the perfect trifecta - be stylish and easy to throw on and go, all while having quick access to your boobs. It can be so hard to find something that ticks all three boxes.

At some point (often multiple times), all breastfeeding mums have looked in their wardrobes and found nothing suitable to wear.

After the birth of my eldest son I often struggled to get dressed. I was so uninspired by the clothes hanging in my wardrobe. Breastfeeding is something so many women do, yet good breastfeeding friendly clothes can seem so hard to find.

Now that I’ve spent the last few years breastfeeding I’ve found my absolute favourite brands for stylish and feeding-friendly clothes. And I want to share them with you.


Moolk are redefining breastfeeding friendly fashion. And they do it so well. So well, that I may own a few too many pieces!

They have a range of dresses, some that are casual and some that will make you look more put together. They have great basic t-shirts, that are made from beautiful material that drapes perfectly over my mum-tum and go with jean shorts or a fitted skirt. I also love their knit jumpers which I know I’ll live in come winter.

My favourite thing about the clothes from Moolk is that I love wearing them while on maternity leave but I also know that they are clothes I’ll continue to wear when I stop breastfeeding.


Mumma Bear Nursing Wear

Mumma Bear Nursing Wear sell practical and stylish breastfeeding friendly clothes. For twin mummas, many of their pieces are tandem feeding friendly!

I love their Bronte t-shirt dress and can’t wait for my Blair t-shirt to arrive in the post. Their clothes are great staple pieces and I find myself reaching for them regularly.

nursing bear.jpg

Bae The Label 

I wore a lot of Bae The Label while I was pregnant and quite a lot of their clothes are also nursing friendly. Their clothes are a little more on the pricey side but they’re all made to the highest quality.

Bae The Label is a great place to buy clothes that will see you through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.

bae the label.jpg

August & June the Label

I’ve just discovered August & June The Label, but their Maria dress is exactly what I’ve been searching for. They’re also another brand that is both bump and breastfeeding friendly.

august and june.jpg

If you feel overwhelmed every morning while getting dressed here’s a few extra tips to help.

  • Move the clothes you can’t wear out of your cupboard or put them at the back. When you’re getting dressed you only want to see the clothes you can wear.

  • Don’t feel like you need a whole new wardrobe. Invest in a handful of staple pieces. Clothes that mix and match well and that can layer through the seasons.

  • If you can’t afford new clothes, you can still find suitable ones that you probably already own. Button up blouses or dresses, wrap dresses, v-neck shirts or tops with a scooped neck are all breastfeeding friendly.

  • If you really want to wear something that is not breastfeeding friendly (like a shirt with a high neck) you still can. Just wear a nursing single underneath, then lift one shirt up to feed while pulling down the singlet.

  • There’s also a handy group on Facebook you can join if you’re still struggling to get dressed: Can I Breastfeed in It?

Erin Williams