What's On My Christmas Wish List


My Christmas Wish List

I always struggle with an answer when asked what I want for Christmas. If I want something I buy it myself and most of the things I do want but haven't bought, are too expensive to be gifted. Which is part of the reason why I haven't yet bought them.

If you have the same problem, here's a peek into what's on my Christmas Wish List. Featuring some big ticket items and some more budget friendly ideas.

Batdog + The Bear Print

I've been eyeing off these birth prints for ages. Now that our family feels complete I'd love a sibling print that captures the size of my two boys when they entered the world. 

Francesca Jewellery 

I love these Galaxy Studs and I think they look like the perfect earring for a mum with a young bub - they're stylish but won't dangle enticingly in reach of little gecko fingers. 

I've also got my eye on the custom necklaces. I want to create a meaningful piece that has a charm for each of the boys but can't decide exactly what charms I would choose. 

Framed Photos 

I need to get around to framing my favourite photos from our recent maternity and newborn photo shoots. Love JK do both single prints and photo collages, all of which look great. Again, I just need to decide exactly what I want. 

Donna Hay's Modern Baking

Who doesn't love a good baking recipe book? I'm a huge fan of Donna Hay and find that all of her recipes are easy to follow, work perfectly and taste great. 

Sarah Wilson's Simplicious Flow

I'm always trying to reduce the amount of waste that we produce as a family and love Sarah's approach to the topic of zero-waste. 

A few of these I don't expect to receive, especially since I haven't decided exactly what it is that I want (and I want to have a say in it, too) but that's my little wishlist for Christmas this year. 

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