What My Kids Are Getting For Christmas


Christmas Gift Ideas

For a Baby & a Toddler

Christmas doesn’t have to mean frivolous spending or giving your kids so many presents that they can’t even remember everything they got.

This is the first Christmas where my 2.5 year old son understands that Santa will bring presents. But he doesn’t yet know about asking Santa for lots and lots, and I want to keep it that way.

I love the concept of ‘Want, Need, Read & Wear’ for gifts and I know it’s something we’ll stick to as the boys get older. This year I skipped the ‘Wear’ as they already have enough clothes and Jacob isn’t really getting a ‘Want’. Given that he’s only 3 months he’s getting a few simple presents, mostly ones that he’ll grow into. (Yes, second child problems are real!)

Christmas Presents for My 2.5 Year Old

Rory’s main Christmas present falls under the ‘Want’ category. I’ve been wanting to get him a balance bike for ages and I think he’ll be really excited to see this bike sitting under the tree.

His ‘Need’ present is a personalised alphabet puzzle from Tiny Me. I love that there are two sides to the puzzle and he’s starting to learn his letters so this fits the bill for a fun and educational present.

Rory loves books and his collection is constantly growing. He’s getting a couple of Christmas related books because his obsession knows no time constraints. I think he’ll really the ‘Search and Find’ book and it will also hopefully keep him quiet and entertained while I put Jacob down for his naps. And finally, you can’t go wrong with a Spot book.

balance bike.png
name puzzle.png
name puzzle (1).png

Christmas Presents for My 3 Month Old

I love getting personalised things for the boys, and Jacob is getting two for Christmas. He’s getting a name puzzle from Tiny Me. (Rory received a similar one for his first Christmas and still plays with it, so I know this puzzle will be a nice little keepsake).

He’s also getting a personalised book from Wonderbly. It’s such a sweet story and I had so much fun picking the character/animal that would represent each letter in his name. Most of the baby books that I had when Rory was a baby were destroyed by gumming and dribble so I’m slowly rebuilding our collection of books for kids under 1. Jacob’s getting a couple of ‘Baby’s First’ books and Dear Zoo.

books (1).png

Do you like to keep it simple for your kids at Christmas?

I’m hoping that each of these presents will provide hours and hours of entertainment. I also love that the books and puzzles are something I can do with the boys.

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