Baby Number 2 - The First Trimester

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Trimester One

My Experience With Baby Number 2

Finding Out

Before I took the pregnancy test I had a feeling I was pregnant. The month before I thought I might have been, but wasn’t, so even though I thought I was I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I was still breastfeeding my son and every time he latched on it was slightly uncomfortable. It was similar to what I experienced when he was a newborn and was something I hadn’t felt in well over a year. This was the biggest sign that I might have been pregnant, but I was trying not to get to attached to the idea.

A few other possible symptoms:

I was extremely thirsty and very emotional. The heightened emotions could easily be put down to PMS, but the extra thirst…not so much.

And at a party I had a handful of chips and they tasted better than any chip I’d ever eaten. I had to keep going back for more!

My period was due to start on Boxing Day, so on Christmas morning after we’d opened all the presents in bed, I went and secretly peed on a stick.

If it was negative, Luke wouldn’t need to know and I would wait and see if my period would eventuate. But, as the whole post would suggest, it was positive.

I walked back into the bedroom and told Luke that I had another present for him. One that I was pretty certain he would like.

It was a pretty special moment, my only problem now – how do I ever get him a better Christmas present?


Sharing The News

We told people a lot earlier this time around. Luke wanted to tell people as soon as we had the positive test, but I wanted to keep it to ourselves for a little bit.

I was tracking my periods beforehand, so I knew exactly when my last period started which meant that I didn’t really need to have an early dating scan. But I elected to have one anyway. I just wanted to make sure everything was all good before we told anyone, and waiting for the 12 week scan seemed like an eternity.

We told our closest friends from 8 weeks and it’s always so fun to share the joy with the people you love.

Most people wait until the 12 week mark before sharing the news but we figured that if anything happened we wouldn’t keep it a secret, so why wait?


How I Felt & How it Compared to My First Pregnancy

The dreaded morning sickness… I feel like I shouldn’t complain because I never once threw up, but the all day nausea was a constant sidekick for weeks. I’d have an hour or two in the middle of the day where I would feel semi-normal, but feeling sick for weeks on end was hard.

Especially since I still had to be a mum to my toddler.

We watched far too much Moana but sometimes it was the only way I could survive the day.

When I was pregnant with my son I likened my morning sickness to feeling hungover all day. But compared to this time around, that was a very mild, easy-to-deal with hangover. This pregnancy was definitely akin to the kind of hangover where you promise you’ll never, ever drink again!

And the tiredness. It hit me hard! In my first pregnancy I would go to personal training before work, come home for a 15 minute nap and then make it through the rest of the day with no problem. Sure, I was tired but it was a manageable level of tired. Especially since I could go to bed at 8.30pm and sleep all night long.

This time, with a toddler who had yet to sleep through the night, working part-time and managing everything else that being a mum entails, the tiredness was tenfold. Made worse by the fact that I would head to bed exhausted and then toss and turn for hours before falling asleep.

Of course, in amongst the tiredness and the all-day sickness, I was also immensely happy. And so grateful to have fallen pregnant quickly and excited for everything that lay ahead.


Cravings and Aversions

Just like in my first pregnancy, I need to start the day with breakfast immediately upon waking. It’s the only thing that helps to settle the nausea. Once again, I’m back on the vegemite toast and second breakfast band wagon.

I’ve been loving orange juice, salt and vinegar chips, avocado and pasta. I’ll take my carbs with a side of carbs, please.

I’ve only had one real food aversion and it was so unexpected. Grilled cheese. One night Luke made us cheese pizza for dinner and the smell alone made me feel so sick. I seriously cannot deal with the smell of grilled cheese. Even now, thinking about it makes me want to gag!


My Body

I’m still breastfeeding my son, and the biggest difference in my body this time around has been my boobs. Yes, they hurt while I’m feeding him, but other than that they’re not painful at all. In my first pregnancy a light wind was enough to have me wincing in pain.

In my first pregnancy my boobs also grew massively in the first trimester, whereas second time around I haven’t noticed any real size change.

My bump was a late bloomer last time, and it’s been a similar story this time. I was still able to wear my jeans throughout the first trimester – although there were some days where they were a little too uncomfortable. I had a little bloating, but it was easily hidden with loose tops and flowy dresses.

One perk of being a late bump-bloomer, it’s not too hard to hide your pregnancy at work before you make your official announcement. (I did wait the standard 12 weeks before making my announcement at work).

I also kept up with the gym, although not quite as frequently. Barre classes have been great and I relished every sweaty vinyasa yoga class. Partly because they made me forget about feeling sick, but mainly because I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue it through the second and third trimester.


I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around being a mum of two, but I’m so excited to expand our family and meet this little baby come September.