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My Accidental Home Birth Story

The day I went into labour was a really special day. Rory was at daycare and my partner Luke had the day off from work. We went out for a leisurely breakfast and then went out for lunch too. We don't get to spend much one-on-one time together so it was a real treat to enjoy two meals together without being on parenting duties. I think it might have been all the extra happy-vibes and oxytocin that made my labour progress so quickly. 

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Baby Number 2 - The Second Trimester

Ahh, the sweet promised land of the second trimester. When the morning sickness will end. When your energy will return. And when you can feel safe about announcing your pregnancy.

In those early weeks of pregnancy I think we all count down to the second trimester. There’s so much hope for how good you’ll feel and it’s also exciting to know you can soon share your news with everyone.

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Baby Number 2 - The First Trimester

Before I took the pregnancy test I had a feeling I was pregnant. The month before I thought I might have been, but wasn’t, so even though I thought I was I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I’m still breastfeeding my son and every time he latched on it was slightly uncomfortable. It was similar to what I experienced when he was a newborn and was something I hadn’t felt in well over a year. This was the biggest sign that I might have been pregnant, but I was trying not to get to attached to the idea.

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My Natural Water Birth Story

When I was pregnant I sought out so many birth stories – both written and filmed. Not only were they informative they also helped me visualise how I wanted my labour and birth. But I’ve been debating whether or not I wanted to share my story online.

It was such a sacred and personal day but I know sharing it want detract anything from our special day.

I also think we need to normalise positive birth stories. Giving birth is a beautiful, empowering, expansive and transformative experience. No matter how women plan to and end up giving birth, no pregnant woman should go into labour feeling scared or unsure of her body’s capabilities. 

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