The Benefits of Babywearing

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Babywearing Benefits

For Wearers & For Babies

What is babywearing and why should you do it?

Babywearing is the practice of wearing your baby in a wrap, sling or similar carrier. It has been practiced for centuries (if not longer!) and has recently become quite popular within the Western world. And all for good reason.

Babywearing has so many benefits for both the baby being worn and the wearer, and is especially helpful in the first three months (or what is often known as the fourth trimester) when babies want to be held all the time.

If you’re on the fence about babywearing or want to know why it’s so good… read on.

Dr Sears, the pediatrician who first coined the term ‘attachment parenting’ attributed many benefits to babywearing, including the following:

✖︎  Babies who are carried are generally calmer and cry less
✖︎  Babywearing boosts the oxytocin levels of the mother which creates a more intimate bond, and can reduce the occurrence of postnatal depression in mothers
✖︎  It also creates a fantastic bond between the father and the baby
✖︎  Babies can learn faster as they are able to see more of the world around them and the wearer is easily able to talk to bub
✖︎  It creates a secure attachment between the baby and the carrier
✖︎  Babywearing “humanizes” babies earlier, which means they learn more social cues, body language and facial expressions at an earlier age
✖︎  Babywearing decreases the risk of flat head syndrome


And on top of all of these benefits mums who babywear love doing so for many more reasons. Such as:

✖︎  It’s a saviour for mums with babies who have reflux as it allows baby to be kept upright
✖︎  When babywearing you can fit easily in places where prams are difficult to manoeuver, like the farmers markets, on the beach, crowded places or anywhere with narrow spaces
✖︎  It’s an easy way to discreetly breastfeed while in public
✖︎  Babywearing provides a safe place for baby to sleep while you’re moving around
✖︎  It allows you to be hands-free and keep baby happy while you make lunch, vacuum the floor, or chase after your older kids
✖︎  You don’t get stuck on the couch while baby sleeps
✖︎  It helps you calm a grumpy or fussy baby – whether they’re a newborn, a toddler, or anywhere in between
✖︎  It helps you learn their cues and quickly respond to your babies needs
✖︎  Wearing your baby helps them feel happy and secure
✖︎  It’s great for travelling, from airports to buses to going up and down stairs in the train station
✖︎  The weight of baby on your chest or back can help keep you fit in a very gentle way
✖︎  The convenience and freedom of babywearing can’t be replicated with a pram or bouncer
✖︎  You can easily kiss and smell the sweet scent of your newborn’s head which we all know you can’t get enough off


With so many benefits from something so simple, it’s easy to see why babywearing is loved by so many parents and their babies.

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