Baby Number 2 - The Third Trimester

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The Third Trimester

My Experiences From Week 28 to 39

Maybe I’m a little weird but I love the third trimester. In fact, for the most part, it’s been my favourite trimester of this pregnancy.

Sure, I had some aches and pains, and was sometimes uncomfortable, but I wasn’t too tired and I love having a big bump.

In both my pregnancies I don’t look obviously pregnant until well into my second trimester, so I love the undeniably pregnant belly of the third trimester.

I love watching my belly dance and feeling so many kicks. Even though it’s uncomfortable towards the end, I love being able to follow the outline of my baby’s foot as he wiggles.

I feel kicks at all times through the day. And no matter what time Rory wakes in the middle of the night, baby number two likes to make his presence felt. Which makes me slightly worried that this baby won’t be a sleeper either. 

My Body

For most of my pregnancy my body felt really good. I was able to keep up with my exercise routine and never felt too uncomfortable while sleeping. Until I hit 34 weeks.

My pelvis was suddenly super sore. It hurt while walking, while getting dressed, while rolling in bed and anytime I carried my toddler for longer than a few minutes. It was sore right up until the end of my pregnancy.

By this stage I was doing two barre classes a week but I found my pelvis hurt more afterwards. In my first pregnancy I worked out until I was 38 weeks along and assumed I’d do the same this time. But due to the pelvis pain I packed up my active wear at 35 weeks.

I did, however, continue with my pelvic floor exercises, some light stretching and chasing after my son.

My midwife wasn’t too concerned about the pain but told me to stop carrying Rory so much. Adding an additional 15kgs (and a wiggly 15kgs at that) to the extra weight my body was already carrying would definitely add to the instability.

At each appointment my bump size measured exactly where it’s meant to, just as it did the first time. But I carried noticeably lower in this pregnancy, which meant that I struggled with some of my maternity shirts becoming too short to cover all of the bump. A problem I never experienced last time!

I used and loved the BasiK Organics Belly Butter to help with stretch marks (I ended up with only two small ones in the last few weeks). I started using a magnesium oil spray after having a few painful calf cramps.

At the start of August (just over a month before my due date) I finally weaned Rory. By then he was only feeding once before bed and it was more for comfort than for the actual milk. My colostrum had come in and he was being too lazy to get much of it.

Thankfully he took to the weaning really well. He didn’t cry when I said that there was no longer any milk, and after two nights he didn’t even ask for it at bedtime. 

He was ready and so was I. And it was nice to have a little break between breastfeeding my boys.


Preparing For Labour

I was obsessed with planning for the labour and birth in my first pregnancy. I spent lots of time reading, visually birth and overhauling my thoughts around childbirth.

This time I know my body is capable of birthing a baby, so I put my energy into preparing my body, rather than my mind. 

I started drinking raspberry leaf tea and taking the tablets from 34 weeks. I also did the occasional perineum massage (and once again credit it to not tearing during the birth). In the last few weeks, and especially in my 39th week, I spent lots of time bouncing on an exercise ball, trying to get baby into an optimal position.

To help shift my mind from toddler-mode to birthing-mode I listened to the Australian Birth Stories podcast and started re-reading the birth stories in Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth. 

Getting Ready For Baby

There really wasn’t much I needed to buy or organise for this baby. Once we pulled the bassinet out of storage we were more or less ready.

As this is our second boy we’ve been reusing all of Rory’s baby clothes. Washing and folding all of the 0000 and 000 clothes was such a trip down memory lane. I felt sad for our fast my firstborn grew but so, so happy to be meeting our second child soon.

At 34 weeks we had a family/maternity shoot with the lovely Hayley Richardson. I’m so glad we chose to capture what our family was like as a family of three. I’m so in love with every photo and highly recommend getting maternity photos done (and having Hayley as your photographer if you’re in Sydney).

We’ve always said that we only want two children so the last few weeks of the pregnancy were very bittersweet. I was so excited to meet our little boy but I also really tried to soak up the kicks and the feeling of a baby growing in me, as I know it will be the last time I feel those little (and big) wriggles.