Baby Number 2 - The Second Trimester

Trimester 2

Weeks 14 to 27

Ahh, the sweet promised land of the second trimester. When the morning sickness will end. When your energy will return. And when you can feel safe about announcing your pregnancy.

In those early weeks of pregnancy I think we all count down to the second trimester. There’s so much hope for how good you’ll feel and it’s also exciting to know you can soon share your news with everyone.

In my first pregnancy, 13 weeks was a real turning point in how I felt. I definitely experienced that promised second trimester high.

This time around it took a lot longer, although thankfully the all day nausau did clear at around 14 weeks. I no longer felt sick but I was still exhausted. My energy levels didn’t start to feel normal until I hit 24 weeks (which is far too close to the third trimester if you ask me!)

Even though the exhaustion dragged on far longer than I hoped it would there were lots of things I loved about the second trimester.

The Scans and The Movements

There is something so special about seeing your growing baby on the big screen at an ultrasound. And it’s no less special the second time around. 

At our 20 week scan we found out the sex of our baby. And just as I suspected, it’s another little boy! I know some people love waiting for the surprise but I love knowing the sex beforehand. I like being able to refer to bub as a ‘he’ or ‘she’, and picking names becomes much easier when you only have to pick one.

In my first pregnancy I had a posterior placenta and didn’t even know that anterior placentas were a thing. Or what that meant. This time my placenta is anterior and my mind has been opened to an aspect of pregnancy that I’d never even heard of. With an anterior placenta it’s quite common to not feel kicks until far later in the pregnancy, as your placenta will absorb the movements and kicks of the baby first.

Luckily and enjoyably, I started feeling little kicks at 16 weeks. Being a second time mum, I know what the early kicks feel like. Those little jellyfish movements that could be mistaken for gas or moving organs, but that are definitely a little baby. The kicks are my favourite thing about being pregnant, and I’m so glad I didn’t have to wait too long to start feeling them.

Preparing Rory

A huge difference this time around is that I’m more concerned with preparing my toddler for a new baby, rather than preparing myself.  I haven’t even touched a pregnancy book or started re-reading my Ina May books!

There will be 2 years and 3 months between the boys, and while Rory gets that there’s a baby in my belly I’m not sure he really knows what that means. 

He’s been to all the scans (and always holds my hand as I lie on the table) and I talk to him a lot about the baby. I’ve also read a few different books to him about pregnancy and having a brother. One of our favourites has been ‘There’s a House Inside My Mummy’.

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy 

We’re still breastfeeding even though my milk dried up at around 20 weeks. Although I did have noticeably less milk from around 12weeks.

Rory now only feeds twic a day - once for his nap and then again at bedtime. He thankfully nightweaned himself early on in my second trimester. He still wakes up but settles really quickly when I bring him in to our bed. Sometimes he’ll ask for water, other times all he needs is a quick cuddle. 

Breastfeeding is still really uncomfortable - it’s not quite painful but it’s definitely not an enjoyable experience for me. I haven’t yet made up my mind whether I want to tandem feed or wean Rory completely before bub arrives. I guess we’ll see how things change over the next few months. 

Midwife Care

We’ve chosen to go through the public system again. I’m a huge advocate for midwife-led care and love that my local hospital supports and promotes natural birth.

I’m part of the midwife group practice so I’ll see the same midwife throughout my pregnancy. Although I’ve been quite surprised with how infrequently I have my appointments this time around. Sometimes there’s been 6 weeks between visits!

Things I’ve Bought

There’s not much that we need to buy this time around, especially since we’re having another boy but I still want to get him some things that are just for him.

So far I’ve bought a few swaddle blankets (you can never have too many), a Retrobub onesie and Mrytle and Maple overalls. I also purchased some smaller night nappies (in medium) so I can make the switch earlier this time. 

I upgraded our pram from an old Bugaboo Cameleon to a Redsbaby Metro and I’m so excited to start using it. Rory refuses to go in the pram now so buying a double pram would be pointless for us but I am going to get him the skateboard attachment. (I sold the old pram on Facebook marketplace, along with some other bits and pieces we barely used the first time around).

The majority of my first pregnancy was over summer so I didn’t need too much in the way of maternity clothes. This time around I’ll be pregnant through winter so I’ve bought two pairs of Ripe maternity jeans, a few dresses for work from Bae the Label, and a couple of jumpers from ASOS. This will most likely be my last pregnancy so I don’t want to buy too much but it can be hard to restrain myself when there are so many cute pieces available these days!

This pregnancy is absolutely flying by and I can’t believe there’s just three more months to go before we meet this little guy!