My No Buy Challenge: 3 Months of No New Clothes


My No Buy Challenge

3 Months of No Clothes Shopping

One of the most easiest ways we can reduce our consumption and reduce our impact on the world, is to use what we already have. When it comes to building a sustainable wardrobe, the most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own.

I’m all about knowing better and doing better. Walking the walk and talking the talk.

So in an effort to be more sustainable, make more conscious choices and save money, I’m not going to buy a single piece of clothing for the next three months.

I don’t need any more clothes and neither do the boys. We all have enough. And as much as I might see and like a new knitted jumper, I already have several in my wardrobe.

Not buying any clothes for 3 months sounds easy enough, right. But I know there will be times where I’ll have to resist the urge to buying something cute. Or something on sale. Or something just because.

I know that over the next 3 months some of my favourite brands are releasing new clothes that are ethically made, that are great quality and great looking clothes. There’ll also be lots of brands having EOFY sales. But adding to my wardrobe (or the boys’ wardrobes) should be more thought out than buying something simply because it’s on sale or because it looks good.

Fast fashion is terrible for the environment and for the workers who make the clothes. It’s great that there are more brands who focus on creating clothes ethically and sustainably. But buying lots of clothes, even sustainably made ones, is still adhering to the fast fashion ethos of constantly needing more clothes. Instead, I’m choosing to take the less is more approach.

While I’m embarking on this “no buy” I also want to evaluate what I wear. I have a few clothes that I reach for all the time and some that hang sadly in the cupboard, unused. I want to wear more of the clothes that I own too and experiment more with putting my outfits together.

Being winter and having two young kids means that I usually throw on jeans and a jumper and call it a day. But how can I use what I have to look more put together? How can I take what I have and make as many different outfit combos as possible?

As shared by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “Global clothing production has doubled in the past 15 years, with garments on average being worn much less and discarded quicker than ever before.”  And I know this is something I’m guilty of doing. Slowing down our fashion consumption, buying clothes that we actually need, and wearing what we already have is key to making the fashion industry more sustainable.

Over the next three months I’ll also only be buying new skin care, make up or hair products to replace something that’s run out. Again, I don’t need to add to the collection I already have and I’m enjoying using all the products I have so there’s no need to experiment with something new.

I’ll be posting updates about how I go over the next three months and what impact it has on my shopping habits and on how I get dressed each morning.

Have you ever purposefully stopped buying clothes for an extended period of time? Or would you like to join me on your own no buy challenge?