mum Life doesn’t have to be so hard

We can’t promise that every day as a mum will be easy, that your child won’t be covered in an assortment of stains right before you need to leave the house, or even that your child will sleep through the night, but we can help with everything else.

Here at Natural Mums & Bubs we believe that our precious little ones deserve the best.

✖︎ We get our kicks from finding organic, top-quality products at a reasonable price.

✖︎ We believe that ethically made beats mass-produced. Every time.

✖︎ We believe in supporting and creating connections between mums.

✖︎ We believe that every mum knows what’s best for her baby, even if she sometimes needs a little nudge to remind her of this.

✖︎ We believe in non-judgmental parenting and that motherhood should bring us closer together, rather than drive us apart.

how it all begun

When my son was born I spent countless hours in the middle of the night browsing Instagram to try and stay awake and I stumbled across the pages of so many beautiful, organic and eco-friendly brands. All made by Aussie mums.

Everything looked so good. And I may have hit the purchase button a few too many times.

The packages started rolling in and I was constantly blown away by the quality of what I bought, along with the personal touches.

Being on maternity leave meant every dollar I spent counted. But I was happy to pay a little more for something non-toxic, organic or ethically made because I only wanted to buy the best for my precious little boy.

Whether it was clothes, swaddles, teethers or toys, I didn’t want to waste my money on something that would fall apart in two seconds. I wanted to support local brands, owned by mums who wanted to work and stay at home with their children.

I wanted to buy products that would be good for my baby, myself, the makers and the planet.

After speaking with my new mummy friends I knew they wanted the same.

And then an idea sparked.

What if you didn’t have to spend hours searching like I did. What if all this information was right at your finger tips?



So to save you the hours and hours I spent scrolling through Instagram and Google, I’ve created the largest directory of its kind.

In our directory you’ll find practical, safe and beautiful items that you’ll actually use. From clothes to baby carriers, from wooden toys to breastfeeding essentials, we’ve got you covered.

Ethically Made. Organic. Australian Made. Eco-friendly. We’ve got it all. And we only recommend brands that we’ve tried and loved.

On our blog you’ll find loads of non-judgmental information to help you parent in a way that feels right for you.  We share the highs and lows of motherhood and offer gentle nudges to remind you to trust your intuition

We truly believe that the more we know the better we can do.
And the better we can do, the more our planet will thank us.



Whether everything you buy is organic or whether it’s a few pieces here and there.︎

Whether you use cloth nappies or disposables.

Whether you’re a Kmart addict or refuse to step foot in one.

Whether you’re an eco warrior or simply curious about reducing your impact on the world we live in.

Mama, you’re welcome here.


Re-heat your cup of tea and get comfy.