hi, I’m Erin

The founder of Natural Mums & Bubs

I’m mum to one cheeky toddler, who since May 2016 has filled my days with joy and stolen the sleep from my nights. And in September 2018 I had a second little boy who seems set to do the same.

Holistic health and living has long been a passion of mine. I’m careful with what I put in and on my body. Being pregnant and then breastfeeding has only helped to amplify this love of natural, organic products.

I believe in voting with my dollar – wherever I can. I love supporting small, local brands. Especially when those brands are run by mums just like me. Mums who want to spend as much time with their kids, while still contributing to their family and stoking their creative fires.

I do my best to parent gently. To allow my little boy to show his emotions. To follow his lead when it comes to breastfeeding, eating and sleeping. But of course, I’m only human and far from perfect.

When it comes to my son I do my best to make a mix of informed and intuitive decisions. A mother’s intuition is strong (and always right) but I think it’s also so important to listen to the research and information that is available to us.

There’s so much misinformation about what constitutes as normal baby behaviour and what motherhood actually looks and feels like. And this drives me crazy!

✖︎ It’s normal for babies not to sleep through the night. 
✖︎ It’s normal for breastfed babies to feed all the time. 
✖︎ It’s normal for some days or weeks to feel ridiculously hard and tiring. 
✖︎ It’s normal for your body to look different once you’ve had a baby. 
✖︎ It’s normal to feel isolated at times as a mum.  

And above all I believe that motherhood should bring us together. It shouldn’t create rifts and judgement. What’s right for me might not necessarily be what’s best for you and your babe – and that’s a fantastic and freeing thing.

I’m constantly seeking out information and learning how to be the best mum I can be. How to live a more natural life. And how to reduce my impact on the planet.

I’m inspired to learn more and do better. And I hope you are too.

I’m so excited to have you here.